ICMET aims to bring together scholars from around the globe, and bring forth innovation in education for the greater good of the mankind. The contributions of this congress will be in the field of teaching methodology, the ease of educational delivery and the enhancement of educational equity to the world.

Prof. Dr. Rozhan M. Idrus
Founding President

We urge the general public to participate in this congress either financially, through ideas, network, or in other appropriate form. It is hoped that this congress will become the main driver in the development of innovative pedagogy, improvement of delivery methods, expanding access, and improving equity in education

Dr. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin
Secretary General
  1. To serve as an umbrella for scholars in the field of educational technology.
  2. To collegiate global expertise and bring forth innovation in the education sector for the greater good of the mankind.
  3. To improve and empower global network of scholars in educational technology.
  4. The contributions of this congress will be in the field of teaching methodology, the ease of educational delivery and the enhancement of educational equity in the world.
  1. Open to global citizenship
  2. Open to students, researchers, practitioners, and consultants

Individual who wish to join this association as a member must apply and register his / her name together with the required details to the Secretary General of ICMET. The Secretary shall process the membership application and bring it to the committee consideration. Committee meetings shall be entitled to refuse an application for membership without any reason.

In general condition, no fee should be imposed on any members. The primary source of income or fund for the association shall be collected or obtained from:

  1. Waqf / endowment concept
  2. Donation from members
  3. Sponsorship

If necessary and with the approval of the Executive Committee and at least sixty percent (60%) of the members (exluding members in the Executive Committee), minimal fee can be collected only to cover the cost of administrative task.

  1. An Executive Committee consisting of the following designation shall be elected at the General Meeting.
  • Vice President 1 (one person)
  • President 2 (one person)
  • President 1 (one person)
  • Vice President 2 (one person)
  • Secretary General (one person)
  • Assistant Secretary (one person)
  • Treasurer (one person)
  • Assistant Treasurer (one person)
  1. This association shall have minimum one person and no maximum numbers as its Committee Member(s).
  2. Elected committee holding executive position in the association shall consist of at least three (3) citizenship.
  3. The names of the members are to be proposed and be elected by simple majority vote in Annual General Meeting.
  4. All elected committee can be selected back every year.
  5. The functions of the Committee is to organise administrative task of the association and to play the decision-making roles on matters of the direction of the association, and on the general policy laid down by the General Meeting.
  6. The Committee may not act contrary to the decision of the General Meeting and shall always comply with the decisions of the meeting.
  7. The Committee shall submit a report on its activities in the past year to every Annual General Meeting.

The Grand Assembly shall convene at least annually. This stipulation shall apply except in cases of emergency.

First year of meeting will be conducted in Malaysia. The host country for the next meeting will be open to all members on voluntary basis. Should there are no takers for the meeting, the Executive Committee will automatically have the right to appoint any members as the host with valid justification. Appointed member shall have the right to decline the appointment with valid justification.

Other than Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall meet at least once every 6 months via physical attendance or facilitated by telecommunications. Notice for every meeting shall be given to committee members at least 7 days prior to the date of the meeting via mail or letter.

  1. Chairman alone, or at least with the request of fifty percent (50%) of the members may call for committee meetings to be held at any time.
  2. At least fifty percent (50%) of the Committee members must be present to confirm a quorum for the meeting.
  3. If an urgent matter arises which requires the approval of the Committee and Committee meetings could not be held, the Secretary General may acquire the approval of the committee members via distribution of circular. The conditions for any approval via circular are as follows:
  • > The issue must be clearly set out in circulars distributed to every member of the Committee;
  • > At least fifty percent (50%) of the members of the Committee must stating their approval or objection to the proposal; and
  • > The decision must be by a majority vote. Any decision of the circular shall be reported by the Secretary General in the next Committee meeting and recorded in the minutes.
  1. Members of the Committee who fails to attend Committee meetings three (3) times consecutive without satisfactory explanation shall be deemed to have been resigned from the Committee.
  2. The Committee may establish sub-committees if deem necessary.
  3. The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the constitutional document at all times and must ensure that it came with a full to the new committee in case of any leadership transition.